NDustrialEvents and NDustrial Studios are located within an easily accessible area of the XI. District in an industrial plant enclosed by Galvani street-Fehérvári road-Barázda utca-Szerémi street. The plant gives home to small factories, warehouses and offices, as such the first floor of block IX, where NDustrial Events is located, was formerly used for vinyl casting. NDustrialStudios is situated on third floor of the same building, and has been operating since 2016.

The total area consists of 1 large events space (Block9), a make-up/dressing room, bathrooms and the hinterland. The events space, dressing room and bathroom were given polished industrial flooring, while the hinterland received hard finish flooring that is more resistant to fat deposits. Block9 has underfloor heating throughout, the other spaces are equipped with traditional, cast iron-styled radiators. The original iron windows have been refurbished and insulated glass has been installed throughout. The large events space has 4 high-performance air-conditioners, the make-up room and the hinterland are also air-conditioned.

With the exception of the men’s bathroom, all the spaces are naturally lit with windows throughout. The elevator does not work. There is an outside door in the events space that is accessible via a crane or a forklift, and has an opening of 200cmx320cm, if you don’t want to carry a larger object through the staircase.

The large events space has furniture for events/workshops organised for up to 20 people. We can help serve any other furniture needs, and you can also bring in furniture you need.